Commercial Agency after the law of 16 February 2022: A step forward or backward?

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The law of 16 February 2022[1], which took effect on 14 March 2022, amends article X.13 of the Code of Economic Law (CEL), and expands the protection that commercial agents enjoy. Agents were already protected against unilateral changes in commission (read: reductions), actions which are equated with a breach. In practice, principals would have found a backdoor. Therefore, an expansion was deemed desirable.

16 May 2022


This article is available in Dutch and French.

[1] Law of 16 February 2022 amending the Code of Economic Law relating to commercial agency contracts regarding the protection of commercial agents against the unilateral increase or imposition of the costs by the principal, Belgian Official Gazette of 4 March 2022.

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