Corporate Social Responsibility

We place great importance on sustainability and corporate social responsibility

For example, we:

  • actively share our knowledge via a wide range of training courses, webinars and other events;

  • pay great attention to the professional growth of our employees through training courses (substantive and soft skills), an extensive 360° follow-up, participation in events, etc.;

  • promote a pleasant working atmosphere with a view to maintaining a sound work-life balance and organise many enjoyable firm events (quizzes, team-building exercises, dinners, culture club, etc.);

  • encourage the use of bicycles or public transport for getting about, as well as a healthy lifestyle by organising various sports activities (paddling, running events, etc.);

  • motivate our employees to get involved in social projects and participate each year in The Warmest Week;

  • are constantly on the lookout for ways to reduce the firm´s ecological footprint as much as possible and to deal thoughtfully with our energy sources, the wastes we generate and the water we consume.

We support the below organisations

The Koninklijk Orthopedagogisch Centrum Antwerpen (KOCA - the Royal Special Education Centre of Antwerp) is an educational and support centre for individuals with communicative restrictions (hearing impairments, speech impediments, autism spectrum disorders, learning and behavioural disorders).
KOCA strives to develop a unique and high-quality life project with and for each individual.

HETPALEIS is a theatre for children, young people and performing artists in the heart of Antwerp. It aims to make high-quality contemporary performing arts accessible for every child in every family.
HETPALEIS places its resources and possibilities entirely at the service of the public, and consults closely with various policy-making bodies to implement a long-term children´s art policy.

The Community of Sant’Egidio is a Christian lay community consisting of 60 000 members in over seventy countries spread across all continents. Members of this community get together for prayer and establish friendships with the poorest of their cities. Sant’Egidio is a worldwide player in favor of dialogue between religions and the peaceful resolution of conflicts. The Community was founded in 1968 in Rome. Its name is derived from the church of Sant’Egidio in the Trastevere district, where the center of the community is still established today. In the Low Countries Sant’Egidio has its center in Antwerp. More information.

The Flemish Conference at the Antwerp bar was founded during a meeting with 25 members on October 27th 1885, thus reports “de Kleine Gazet" (the Small Gazette) on November 1th. Edward Coremans was elected first President, Jan van Rijswijck vice-President and Flor Heuvelmans secretary-treasurer. This Foundation was ratified at a meeting on November 9th, 1885, at which the regulation and the management of the Conference were approved.

The Conference was aimed primarily at training young lawyers by holding pleading exercises, discussions on legal issues and providing lessons in deontology. However, an important goal was added for the Flemish Conference at the Antwerp bar. The Conference wanted to be not only a study center for the practice of legal science in the mother tongue, but also, in particular, a ‘combat organism’ from which efforts were made to promote the use of Dutch in courts.

Levensloop (Course of Life) is a festive event meant for all ages. It is all about solidarity and fundraising for the fight against cancer. Citizens come together for 24 hours to honour and celebrate people who survived or are still fighting cancer; to commemorate people who died of cancer; and as a community, to join forces in the fight against cancer.

Teams will be able to relieve each other during the 24 hours, running a relay race around a course. They let themselves be sponsored for this. There is at least one team member on the track at all times. Levensloop is not a competition! It is a gathering of all voluntary organizations of a city or municipality. The 24 hours symbolize the constant battle of patients and their loved ones against the disease.

Straatverplegers vzw (Street nurses) is a medical-social organization that is convinced it is possible to end homelessness in Brussels.

The organization contributes by sheltering the most vulnerable homeless people from the streets in terms of health and by mobilizing other associations and the general public to find sustainable solutions to the issue of homelessness.

Attention to hygiene; the appreciation of the talents of homeless people; intensive cooperation with other social and medical organizations as well as providing housing, are the levers used by Straatverplegers to achieve sustainable re-housing.

The Council of the Order has launched the DIApositive program (DIA for Diverse and Inclusive Advocacy) to raise awareness about law school among young people with a migration background, and in extension, creating a career in the legal profession. Brussels deserves a diverse and inclusive advocacy.

The legal profession represents a strong social commitment. “DIApositive” is an integral part of that.

Licht en Liefde (Light and Love) helps the blind and visually impaired to live a qualitative life. The UN convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities is clear on these issues. Quality of life is inextricably linked to the wishes of the person themself.

Furthermore, the organization strives for an inclusive society. Literally, inclusion means "being included." In an inclusive society, it is self-evident that everyone — including all people with disabilities — can participate fully in it and in all possible areas (education, work, living, leisure, etc.) as a full-fledged citizen. The blind and visually impaired have an original ‘view’ of the world, which can be very enriching. Licht and Liefde are working to remove all barriers that lead to exclusion, to ensure that society makes efforts to make itself accessible. The organization also helps the disabled person to take the necessary steps by developing themselves.

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