Schoups uses own and third-party cookies via this website. Cookies are small data files which are stored on your device to optimize your visit to our website and to ensure optimal user experience.


Cookies and terms of use of the website

  1. Cookie statement


What are cookies?

This website uses cookies to optimise your visit to the website and to ensure an optimal user experience. A cookie is a small text file that a website stores on the hard drive of your computer (or other connected device) during a visit to save certain information. These cookies provide information about the browser type, operating system, geographic location, the website visit and personal preferences.

What types of cookies are there?

Different types of cookies are used on this website. These cookies can be classified according to their duration, origin and function.


Cookies usually have an expiration date. A distinction needs to be made between:

  • session cookies: these cookies are automatically removed as soon as you close your browser; and

  • permanent cookies: these cookies remain on your computer for longer periods of time and sometimes even until you remove them manually.


Cookies can be stored by the website itself or by a third party. A distinction needs to be made between:

  • first-party cookies: these are cookies stored by our website when you visit us.

  • third-party cookies: these cookies are stored by a third party. This is the case, for example, when the website incorporates certain elements from other websites, such as social media plug-ins (including the Facebook or Linkedin "like" button) or advertisements. This allows your behaviour to be tracked (e.g. for precise and targeted marketing in the future). For these third-party cookies we gladly refer to the privacy and cookie statements of these parties on their websites.
    Google Analytics


Cookies can have several functions and purposes. This website uses three types of cookies, i.e.:

  • Strictly necessary cookies : these cookies comprise the essential and functional cookies and are necessary for purely technical reasons to visit the site and to make it function properly (e.g. to fill out forms, remember privacy preferences, etc.)

  • Marketing cookies : the purpose of these cookies is to show you relevant ads.

  • Performance cookies : These cookies are also called analytical cookies and their purpose is to collect information on how you use our website (e.g. date and time of visit). We use these data to optimise our website according to our users' wishes.

To ensure your privacy, we always first request your permission before using marketing and/or performance cookies.

Below you will find an overview of the different specific cookies we use for each type of cookie. (see also the cookie policy page, on this overview you can also revise your given consent or additions where desired.) )

Language cookie:

  • This cookie remembers your language preference on the website to stop you from being redirected to the default language version of the website every time you visit.

  • This cookie is saved for 1 year.

Facebook Pixel

  • This cookie keeps track of the pages you view on the website. This enables us to show you relevant ads on Facebook that match your interests. Without these cookies, you miss out on personalised offers or announcements.

  • This is a Facebook cookie and is removed after maximum 2 years. Your personal data are stored for a maximum of 180 days.

Google Analytics

  • Google Analytics is one of the most widespread and reliable analytics solutions on the internet to help collect information about how the website is best used and how the user experience can be improved. This cookie keeps track of how long you spend on the website, exactly which pages you visit and how you found us. This allows us to know what visitors find interesting and to continue improving the website and its content.

  • This is a Google cookie and is removed after maximum 2 years.


  • Our website uses YouTube to save and show video content. These cookies are stored by YouTube to track the use of their services. These cookies are only saved when you click Play.

  • This cookie is removed at the end of your session.


  • Our website uses Vimeo to save and show video content. These cookies are stored by Vimeo to track the use of their services. These cookies are only saved when you click Play.

  • This cookie is removed at the end of your session.

How do I check and delete cookies that have already been stored?

You can use your browser settings to check (and if necessary delete) which cookies have been stored on your device (by our website or other websites).

The following links provide more information on how you can do this:
Firefox :
Internet explorer:

Microsoft edge:

What are my rights?

The cookie policy does not affect your rights under applicable data protection regulations. More information on how we process your personal data, what your rights are as a data subject, together with the contact data of the privacy controller are available in the privacy policy (Privacy Policy | Schoups).

If you wish to receive additional information on cookies and/or other privacy-related issues, we gladly refer you to the website of the Belgian Data Protection Authority. ((Cookies en andere traceringsmiddelen | Gegevensbeschermingsautoriteit)).

Amendment clause

Schoups reserves the right to amend and update the cookie statement where necessary. The last amendment was on January 18th 2022.

  1. terms and conditions of use of the website

The use of our website (the "Website") is subjected to the following terms and conditions of use. The use of the website applies as acceptance of these terms and conditions. The latter can be amended: the applicable terms and conditions are those in force at the time of connection.

The Website belongs to BV Schoups, having its registered office at 6-8 box 5 De Burburestraat, 2000 Antwerp and entered in the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises with company registration number 0473.474.222 (hereinafter referred to as: "We" or the "Law Firm").

Use of our website

We pay considerable attention to our Website. Despite these efforts, we cannot guarantee that the information on the Website is completely true, accurate and up-to-date. These data can therefore only be used for general information purposes. Nor can we be held liable for (in)direct damage resulting from the use of the Website or from information made available through the Website. The Website may contain files of third parties or hyperlinks or other references to websites of third parties. Our Law Firm cannot be held liable for any of these under any circumstance. Furthermore, we reserve the right to modify, amend or supplement the content of the Website at any time.

Intellectual Property Right

The use of the Website does not grant any intellectual property rights to the user. The content of the Website and the information made available are the Company's exclusive intellectual property. The information that can be consulted on the Website, its design, texts, drawings, photographs, data, logos, brands and other elements displayed are protected by trademark law and/or copyright and/or other applicable regulations and cannot be reproduced in any form or by any means. Any infringement shall give rise to legal proceedings.

Protection of personal data

We take our obligations regarding privacy and data protection very seriously. For more information, please read our Data Protection Policy via the following link Privacy Policy | Schoups.

Belgian Law

Your access to, visit or use of the Website and these terms and conditions of use are governed by Belgian law. In case of a dispute, only the courts of the registered office of the Law Firm have jurisdiction.

Changes Clause

Schoups reserves the right to change and update the cookies statement where necessary. The latest change was made on January, 18th 2022.

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