Schoups uses own and third-party cookies via this website. Cookies are small data files which are stored on your device to optimize your visit to our website and to ensure optimal user experience.


“ What are cookies?

This website uses cookies to optimize your visit to the website and to ensure optimal user experience. A cookie is a small data file which a website, when visited, places on the hard drive of your computer (or other connected device) to store certain information. These cookies provide information about, among other things, the type of browser, the operating system, the geographic location, the website visit and personal preferences.

What types of cookies are there?

This website uses different types of cookies. These cookies can be classified by their duration, origin and function.


Cookies usually have an expiration date. In this regard, a distinction should be made between:

- session cookies: these are cookies which are automatically deleted when you close your browser

- persistent cookies: these are cookies which stay on your computer for a longer period of time, sometimes even until you manually delete them.


Cookies can be placed by the website itself or by a third party. In this regard, a distinction should be made between:

- first-party (or own) cookies: these are cookies which are placed by our own website when you visit us.

- third-party cookies: these are cookies which are placed by a third party. For instance, this happens when the website incorporates certain elements from other websites, such as social media plugins (e.g. the Like button of Facebook or Linkedin) or advertisements. This way your behaviour can be monitored (e.g. to allow for precise and targeted future marketing). For these third-party cookies, we refer to the privacy and cookies statements of these parties on their websites.
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Cookies can have several functions and purposes. This website uses three types of cookies, namely:
- Strictly necessary cookies: these cookies comprise essential and functional cookies and are necessary for purely technical reasons to be able to visit the site and to enable it to function properly (e.g. to fill out forms, remember privacy preferences, …)

- Marketing cookies: the purpose of these cookies is to show you relevant advertisements.

- Performance cookies: these cookies are also referred to as analytical cookies and their purpose is to collect information about how you use our website (e.g. date and time of the visit). We use these data to optimize our website according to the wishes of our users.

To optimize your privacy, we always first ask your permission before we use marketing and/or performance cookies.

Click the button below to view an overview by type of the various cookies we use. In this overview you can also change or supplement your consent, where appropriate. If you click on ‘more information’, you will also obtain, for each cookie, information about the name, the description and the duration of the cookie.

How do I check and remove cookies already installed?

You can use your browser settings to check (and possibly delete) the cookies that have been placed on your device (by our website or other websites).

Use the links below for more information on how to do this:
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Changes Clause

Schoups reserves the right to change and update the cookies statement where necessary. The latest change was made on April, 6th 2021

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