Schoups opnieuw gerangschikt in de Legal 500 client guide


Wij zijn er enorm trots op dat Schoups opnieuw is gerangschikt in de Legal 500 Europe client guide. De inbreng van onze cliënten heeft geleid tot de rangschikking voor 'Construction & Real Estate', 'Commercial', 'Corporate and M&A', 'Dispute Resolution' en 'Environment'. Marco Schoups is ook gerangschikt als een Leading Individual in 'Construction & Real Estate'.

19 april 2021


Wij danken onze cliënten voor het voortdurende vertrouwen in en de waardering voor ons werk, en onze collega's voor alle passie en toewijding in hun vak. Als kantoor blijven wij gedreven door de waarderingen van onze cliënten.

“The attorneys at Schoups are easily accessible and provide a professional and high-quality service. They are flexible and always think in a solution-oriented way with their clients.”

“Schoups' environment practice 'stands out with its dynamic, pragmatic and solution-oriented approach'.”

“Schoups is a 'go-to firm for construction' and its 'exceptionally committed' team is 'very knowledgeable of the Belgian construction sector'.”

“They are very punctual in all the paperwork that is necessary in order to complete a transaction. They make sure that the work stays with them and that the customer doesn’t have to worry about something.”

‘[Their M&A team is] extremely concise and adequate in their legal professional support. Their explaining and translation abilities of contractual concepts into the actual business are beyond great. Extremely professional and adequate. Great language skills and international skills. ‘

Corporate Social Responsibility

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