Ronde van Schoups | Tour de Schoups

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In these dark months, we thought it would be a good idea to set up something to create extra solidarity among the Schoups people, to encourage them to move and to support a good cause.

04 January 2021


At the end of November, we started the Ronde van Schoups. A big round across the country in which all colleagues sport to the nearest colleague. They jogged, cycled, walked and sometimes took the train to cover the longest parts.

For each kilometre exercised, Schoups donated a few euros to the KONEXIBUS, a project of KOCA vzw. With this mobile counselling centre, KOCA tries to reach vulnerable youngsters and adults in these turbulent times.

There were 1012.7 km of sports! With our enthusiastic team, we were able to raise a nice amount of money.

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