30 November 2017 – Gwen Bevers and Joost van Riel gave a webinar on the new company law

Business Law

30 November 2017


At the beginning of 2018 the government is launching a draft Companies and Associations Code. The first draft texts promise nothing less than a revolution for our company law.

During a live webinar, Gwen Bevers and Joost van Riel gave a sneak preview of this new company law and focused on a number of questions that are already being posed in practice, such as: 

  • the timing for the new Code,
  • the possible end of the “professional” CVBA´s,
  • the fate of share capital as a result of the introduction of a capital-free BV, and
  • the end of the THV as a separate legal form

You can find more information on our “New company law” web page, and you can (re)watch the webinar here.  

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