Insurance Law

As our clients are well aware, enterprise means risks. Insurance policies for foreseeable contingencies are a key instrument in dealing with these risks. Risk management not only entails identifying risks and negotiating and concluding the appropriate (made-to-measure) insurance policies, but also requires support in managing claims in case of loss.  

Insurance Law was the cornerstone of Schoups when the law firm was founded in 1950. Ever since, the lawyers in the Insurance Law Practice Group have been supporting companies on risk and loss management. Our lawyers are skilled in assisting clients in the most intricate loss occurrences. Their expertise concerns drafting and counselling as well as representation in court and alternative dispute resolution bodies. They aim for efficient and favourable resolution of the problem at hand through a flexible and solution-oriented service, working together closely with the client's (risk) managers, the loss adjusters and the insurance brokers as may be required by the specific loss involved.     

Over the decades, Schoups' Insurance Law Practice Group has gathered specialised experience in insurance policies and loss concerning the construction industry, whether private construction contracts, public procurement or PPP. Through these years of counselling construction and real estate professionals, our lawyers have developed particular expertise in claim support, expert surveys and litigation concerning e.g. the following insurance policies:

  • construction / contractor's all risk
  • decennial liability
  • third party liability during and after construction
  • professional liability (Design & Build, Architecture, Engineering, contractor's liability after construction)
  • advanced loss of profit and delay in start-up

As risks and insurance run through every aspect of enterprise and management, the lawyers within the Insurance Law Practice Group specialise in insurance policies from all of the principal legal areas in which Schoups practices (Private Construction Law; Business Law, including Corporate and Commercial Law; Public Procurement Law and PPP). The Insurance Law Practice Group lawyers are continuously honing their expertise, not only through years of experience and in-house training, but also by publishing articles in academic publications and by giving seminars and lectures on the subject.

Bob Goedemé leads this practice group.