Trade, Compliance & White-collar

We have many years of experience in compliance-related matters such as economic sanctions, trade and financial embargoes and anti-money laundering regulations and financial regulation. We help clients to identify the relevant statutes and regulations and develop and implement a sound compliance policy.

Compliance is of fundamental importance for every company, regardless of the sector. On the national and international levels many rules and limitations apply to e.g. the import and export of products and services. Many more rules and statutes apply as part of the measures against corruption, money laundering and terrorism. Moreover, violations invariably attract significant media attention, which leads to reputational damage that is difficult to repair. In addition, lenders keep a close eye on compliance with statutes and regulations, and they can refuse to work together with companies that are unable to present a sound compliance policy.

We will guide you through the regulatory and legislative framework that is relevant to your company. We help you in the first place to detect, control and avoid violations or criminal offenses. However, if things do go wrong, we can assist you in the follow-up of the investigation by supervisors, government agencies or the public prosecutor's office. We also advise and assist you in possible administrative and/or criminal proceedings and try to limit your liability as much as possible.

Our practice covers:

  • performing risk analyses

  • drafting and implementing compliance policies with interactive training courses for senior management and employees

  • advice on transactions

  • advising and assisting in investigations, prosecutions and proceedings

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